Nivesh Mitra

Government of Uttar Pradesh has launched ‘Nivesh Mitra’, a web based online facility for entrepreneurs desirous of setting up an enterprise in UP. Udyog Bandhu, a Govt. Agency for Investment Promotion, is acting as a nodal agency for implementation of this project.

Nivesh Mitra has been envisaged as a simple, user friendly, entrepreneur centric web application that enables existing & prospective investors and entrepreneurs to get online clearances/NOC’s from concerned department with ease and minimal “running around”. Now entrepreneur will not need running from pillar to post for filling and submitting various application forms manually with a number of enclosures in order to get the requisite clearances as for setting up of an industry He/She requires these approvals and the requisite forms may vary depending on the nature of unit to be set up, its size, location and so on. The fact that most of the times there is very little information available to get these processes streamlined, which makes this a difficult exercise, consuming a lot of time, money and energy. Needless to say, these requirements are necessary for proper regulation and facilitation of industrial development.

Nivesh Mitra acts as a seamless interface, aimed to facilitate faster and time bound issuance of various approvals needed by entrepreneur desirous of setting up of an enterprise in U.P. It provides a hassle free and user friendly platform between existing & prospective investors and entrepreneurs and various departments to ensure faster and time bound issuance of various approvals.

Entrepreneurs setting up small, medium & large scale industry have to file application forms mandatorily through this system. Nivesh Mitra provides the facility of online submission and updating of all forms required for various approvals by the entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs can make payments towards processing fee of applications online through any of the following methods:

  • Through Internet Banking
  • Offline payment at specific bank branches

Considering that the journey of Nivesh Mitra does not get confined only in providing clearances to entrepreneurs, the project also aims to broaden its domain by continuous addition of new functionalities as are available with the well developed countries around the globe and facilitate them with the same amenities available in those advanced countries. It has, therefore, been envisioned that the project be expanded in the entire state, unwarranted human interface be removed completely, making it  a robust dedicated helpline system, making it act as an information hub making it act as a catalyst for entrepreneurs.

Salient Features of Nivesh Mitra

An entrepreneur friendly application to enhance ease of doing business in U.P.

  • Enables a global access to application forms and services.
  • Two-way interaction on digital platform between entrepreneurs and departments.
  • Online access, submission & processing of application forms for setting up of industries/enterprises.
  • Saves time, money and energy as repeated visits to different departments not required.
  • Introduces transparency in processing of clearances/approvals.
  • Entrepreneur can file applications online from their homes, internet cafe or from any remote place.
  • Forms can be filled, saved, viewed and edited online.
  • Automatic sms and e-mail response to entrepreneur is generated at each stage.
  • Entrepreneur can respond to objections/observations online.
  • Online monitoring of applications can be done by entrepreneur, department & DIC at District level, Divisional level and State level.
  • Tracking of application with colour coding to track those exceeding the time limit.
  • In case of difficulties in filing applications online or not having computer or internet facilities, entrepreneurs can approach the Help Desk facility available in the office of District Industries Centres, which will provide necessary assistance.
  • Guidelines for clearances available online.